Starfield Farm is located in the foothills northwest of Fort Collins, on the Front Range of Colorado, in the burn scar of the High Park Fire. From the ashes of the fire, in which we lost our home but found our purpose, we rebuilt. Disasters like these destructive fires have a way of showing us what is important in life, and that pursuing a dream is a necessity rather than a whim. Starfield Farm is our haven, and our dogs are its joyous inhabitants. 

I grew up with a Golden Retriever, and a happier, more fun-loving dog I’ve never known. That dog taught me all kinds of dog wisdom: how to run riotously through a field in the starlight, how to dig exuberant holes in the snow, how to gain so much mass in the middle of the night that it is impossible to move from that spot (on top of your legs) on the bed…Golden Retrievers are love embodied in a rush of fluff and soul-seeking eyes. All dogs are incredible, but there is a particular magic to the Golden.

I graduated from Ross University of Veterinary Medicine and finished veterinary school at Colorado State University of Veterinary Medicine in 2009. Throughout the years, I always had my loyal dogs at my side, a bit of a motley crew of mixed breed wonders. When I returned to the Golden Retriever, I made a choice. We veterinarians can see issues with some purebred dogs – they are more prone to genetic diseases due to their smaller gene pool. I founded Starfield Golden Retrievers with the promise that the dogs I breed are carefully selected and then tested thoroughly to avoid these problems, and to produce the healthiest, most robust Golden Retrievers out there. We run full genetic testing via Embark to ensure that no defects persist, and also to match our males and females perfectly with one another. We also certify Hips, Elbows, and Heart through the OFA for all our dogs. 

As a veterinarian, I will always be happy to discuss any questions you might have about the health of your puppy throughout their life. You can expect the most up to date recommendations on vaccinations, spay/neuter/diet and any other health-related questions that arise. If you are looking for a local veterinarian for wellness, vaccines, urgent care, surgical and all other medical care, please feel free to find me or my colleagues at Raintree Animal Hospital in Fort Collins, CO. 

Our doggos welcome you to the happiest family on earth – the family of the Golden Retriever!