Our dogs


Shaffer Starfield’s Path of Totality “Dolores”

Dolores is the foundation dog of Starfield Golden Retrievers, and is the total package. She has a gorgeous, flowing light-red coat, and is an outstanding athlete. She was born to swim, and would spend the entire day in the water if she had her way. She is an exceptional retriever, and is about to start Dock Diving lessons. She is also an absolute love, and cuddles up in bed like a giant teddy bear. She hails from the Shaffer Golden Retriever line, and as such, carries some of the best bloodlines in the country. Her parents both excel at Hunt Test, and she has siblings that are doing everything from show to avalanche search & rescue.  She is a half-sister to Tilzee, our other female. Dolores’ genetic tests as well as OFA hip and elbow results are posted below.


Shaffer Starfield’s Stellar Parallax “Tilzee”

Another Shaffer Golden Retriever, Tilzee is the lightest in color of our Goldens. She is the sweetest girl, and is in training to be an Emotional Support Dog.  She is a very intelligent girl, both intellectually and emotionally, and will excel in any type of training. She also enjoys the water, and will play for hours. Although she loves nothing more than to snuggle with her people, she is also an independent girl, and has no qualms about exploring in the woods of our mountain property. She is infinitely curious, and should pass on her remarkable intelligence to her pups. 

Galileo “Leo”

Starfield’s Ephemerides “Galileo” or just “Leo”

Leo is a pure sport-model dog with a heart of gold. The son of Hunter’s Goldstrike’s Amos, he has the blood of the top Hunt Test champions running through his veins. Leo has top notch instincts when it comes to birds, and his sons and daughters will also excel in the hunting sports. His hunting-dog qualities, however, are not limited to that particular sport alone. Leo is on the smaller end of the Golden Retriever spectrum, at about 65 lbs. This makes him an excellent sire of athletes, and importantly, exceptionally healthy dogs. His pups will do well in agility, dock-diving, hunting, S&R and many other specialties.  He is an perfect running buddy and will be running long-distance trails with me in no time. He is a fabulous deep red color and is also a remarkably sweet boy. When he gazes into your eyes, you’ll see that he loves you unconditionally, and that truly is what having a Golden Retriever is all about!


Starfield’s Alcyone “Esther”


Starfield’s Saros of Totality “Genevieve”